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Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy takes a toll on credit scores and will stay on a credit report for seven to 10 years. However, having a bankruptcy on your record does not mean you cannot construct a new financial house. In this article we will discuss how to rebuild credit after bankruptcy.

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  1. Check your credit report
    Find out the unresolved debts on your credit reports. Even after you have discharged your debts, it may take 60 days to get the updated version of your credit report. Give special attention to the status of your debts. Check if the credit bureaus have updated your account status as “discharged.”

Find out if there are mistakes in your credit report and file disputes with the credit bureaus. Credit reporting companies are required by law to investigate the items in question and get back to you usually within 30 days.

To learn how to access your credit report, visit the FTC website for more information.

  1. Clear your existing debts
    Plan a budget based on your monthly income. Reduce your expenses and set aside money to pay off your unresolved debts gradually.