Sport · July 18, 2021 0

The change is responsibility of all of us. Paul Chehade

I greet you with utmost respect. Despite the multiple attacks and threats that we have received for communicate with you in Spanish, we will not be intimidated and will continue communicating as always in both, English and Spanish.

My team gadgetanda and I will continue fighting to represent the people with dignity, ethic and fundamental respect, keeping in mind the necessities and ambitions of the citizens of our nation without discrimination of any kind.

Time is running out, we need your help today!.

I want to make clear that this nation, the United State of America was founded by the people and for the people; this includes both the rich and the poor.

The media only focuses on Democrats and Republicans without considering the Independent, which as a group, represent the 99% of the people, the people who have been manipulated but not represented.

Without regret as to what I will have to leave behind in my personal life, I decided to dedicate my time to be the voice of the people of the United State of America and forge a reorganization that will reestablish the dignity of our nation and international respect, with the final goal of establishing peace treaties and intellectual maturity.

Our nation cannot continue to be manipulated by lobbyists that buy and control the power, it should be controlled by the representatives of the constituents, the representatives who works for and by the people.

The young men and women of our arm forces are our pride and we have to give them the respect they deserve. Part of that respect is that our politicians don’t send them to die in senseless wars, only to augment the wealth of weapon manufacturers and oil companies. President Dwight D. Eisenhower said this many years ago and now it is more relevant than ever.

We currently have Mr. Barack Hussein Obama as our President, who limits himself to promises and justifies his lack of action by stating that others don’t allow him to act. With the respect that he deserves, he is an public employee and if he cannot serve the people for any reason, he should go home and give the opportunity to another person who has the capacity to work for the people of the United State of America and has the sufficient endurance to fight for the people, at any cost, no matter the consequences. Obama only thinks of his own interests within his party and multinationals.